Fresh Food Festival in Denmark!

Fresh Food Festival in Denmark

Fresh Food Festival in Denmark: A Fond Farewell

    At the 2013 Fresh Food Festival in Denmark, I was presented with a thoughtful gift of dates, mango and other fruit in thanks of my contribution to the event through my presentations and running workshops.

    The Fresh Food Festival in Denmark is a World Class Event!

      As far as fruit festivals go, the Fresh Food Festival in Denmark is a magnificent experience. All bases are covered to ensure you have an incredibly supportive, educational, community-based healthy lifestyle experience!

      Excellent Educators

        The Fresh Food Festival in Denmark is known for having top quality lecturers generally practicing and focusing on the many benefits a low fat diet of fresh fruits and vegetables (aka 80/10/10 raw vegan). Everyone is made truly welcome regardless of current dietary or lifestyle choices.

        Fun Activities!

          The festival has fun group activities designed to create a sense of community and connectedness between the festival attendees.

          World Class Kitchen and Raw Chef

            The prepared meals coming out of the kitchen are world class and incredibly delicious given they are made from extremely high quality fruits and vegetables.

            Feast on Exotic and Tropical Fruit!

              The range of tropical fruit provided is most impressive, when you consider how far north Denmark is...extremely far from the tropics.

              Music and Celebration!

                With the sun lighting the sky until late night campfires, the musicianship and sing-alongs start to give you a pretty good sense of how much talent there is amongst the people attracted to the festival. One may conclude that it takes an intelligent person to commit to doing what it takes to maintain a high level of health.

                Fitness Classes for Everyone!

                  Between the yoga, running, dancing and calisthenics, body weight, partner acrobatics, and the serious sense of play which is encouraged, you are sure to have your fitness needs taken to the next level and having an incredible time while doing so!

                  Sign Up and Support this Amazing Festival!

                    While I haven't been a presenter at the festival for a couple of years now, I highly recommend that you attend if you're even thinking about doing so. Sign up today at the Fresh Food Festival website. You won't be sorry!

                    Have a vibrant and fruitful day!

                    In support of your health triumphs,
                    Grant Campbell
                    Ultra Marathon Runner, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Retreat Coordinator, Motivational Speaker

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