The Teacher Within …

Teacher Within

Setting the Stage to Unleash the Teacher Within

    I was always a shy child, terrified of giving speeches to my classroom. I would build it up so much, and become so stressed and tense that I couldn't think clearly. My inner perfectionist turned a simple task into a traumatic ordeal. I was unaware of the dormant teacher within.

    Interestingly it turned out that I very much enjoy teaching. More accurately, I enjoy witnessing and being an integral part of helping people to learn and grow...and teaching is a great mechanism for achieving that. I see teaching as a form of offering my support to others.

    A Rich Life

      I feel incredibly fortunate and enriched for having known so many people in my life:
      • ...through fifteen years in the corporate world, travelling from project to project, city to city, country to country
      • ...through many years as lead guitarist and backing vocalist in a recording, gigging and touring metal band
      • ...through changing back and forth between catholic schools and public schools
      • ...through 4 years of university
      • ...through around 13 years as a surf lifesaver patrolling beaches during the summer
      • ...through completing over 50 ultramarathons
      • ...through running clubs, triathlons, athletics meets, swimming squads and toastmasters
      • ...through volunteer work with Land Care and Coast Care
      • ...through chess clubs and countless rockclimbing and canyoning adventures
      • ...through running around 20 retreats, witnessing over 100 people undertake 3-4 week waterfasts and helping run perhaps 70 retreats with FoodnSport since 2008
      • ...through presenting at various vegan, raw vegan and fruit festivals and events since 2007
      • ...through raising my 2 children
      • ...the list goes on

      Teaching Potential

        I've known way too many people who would make excellent teachers if only they were given the opportunity or chose to seek out the opportunity to practice and become comfortable with teaching...through developing the basic skills required.

        Nurturing the Teacher Within

          We all have talents. I know you have talents. It would be a shame if others couldn't benefit from those talents for no better reason than never exploring teaching. All it takes is a safe environment to practice in. Toastmasters is one of the best ways to overcome the common fear of addressing a group of people. By believing in yourself enough to get started, your confidence will grow through experience.

          Encourage Others

            Today's challenge should you choose to accept it is...if you see anyone with talent going to waste, make the effort to acknowledge their talents and give them a gentle nudge, clearly expressing the potential you see in them. Wouldn't you appreciate if someone did the same for you?

            Have a vibrant and fruitful day!

            In support of your health triumphs,
            Grant Campbell
            Ultra Marathon Runner, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Retreat Coordinator, Motivational Speaker

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