Funding Required: Coast 2 Kosci (C2K)

In 2013 I ran the first 222km (138 miles) of this race, at which time the race was cut short due to dangerous snow, ice and weather on the summit. I have a strong desire to return and complete the full version of this race, Australia's longest sanctioned single stage race. I'm asking for your support to cover the cost of the race entry and accommodation!

Race Details

  • Race Name: Coast 2 Kosci (C2K)
  • Entry Fee: Approx $360 AUD + crew accommodation for 2 nights
  • Enter By: Late Sep 2016
  • Race Distance: 240km (149 miles)
  • Race Location: Eden (beach on East Coast of Australia) to top of Mt Kosciuszko (highest mountain in Australia)
  • Race Website:
  • Race Start Time: Fri ? December 2016 at 5:30am
  • Race Cutoff Time: Sun ? December 2016 at 3:30am
  • Race Cutoff Duration: 46 Hours
  • My Goal Duration: 39 Hours

Thank you for your donation! I appreciate you!

Personal Info

Donation Total: $50