Raw Health Series #4: Science In The Raw

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Series Four: Science In The Raw

If you have ever wanted to know the truth about cleansing, detox, flushes, supplements, superfoods, and many other controversial topics, then this series is a must. If you want to gain the vocabulary that will enable you to succinctly and concisely explain to anyone the advantages of a raw food diet, Science in the Raw will show you how. You may need several listen-throughs in order to absorb the wealth of scientifically validated and precise information packed into this series. Science in the Raw is for anyone who wants to get the facts straight about raw health.

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Disc 1: The FLIP SIDE of Raw I
Disc 2: The FLIP SIDE of Raw II
Disc 3: What Science Reports About Raw Foods I
Disc 4: What Science Reports About Raw Foods II