Retreat Testimonials


I recommend Grant Campbell who runs the Raw Aussie Athlete Retreats. His knowledge about health and the healing nature of various foods is truly astonishing. - Peter Haggerty The Source Foundation Instigator of "Man Up" and "Awakening Warrior Weekend"
Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! It's been great to hear about everyone's raw/vegan journey, and I'm freshly motivated to improve my own journey - with great tips and ideas I've learned on this retreat. Thanks! - Nicole
Paradise on Earth! The raw retreat has been an invaluable experience for me. It has grounded my confidence, passion and enthusiasm for the low-fat, raw vegan lifestyle even further. Loved it! Thankyou Grant! - Anonymous
Thanks for a wonderful weekend. I loved every minute - the people, the discussions, the fitness activities, the location and of course, the delicious raw food!! It has been a very special experience. - Sarah
Thankyou so much for this fantastic weekend. It's so good to meet people from all walks of life getting together with a common goal - health! It's such a fantastic, fun environment to learn & grow (and the food's fantastic!) - Ange
I'd also like to recommend a wonderful raw retreat organised by Raw Aussie Athlete - Grant. He is the real deal 100% raw and fit as anything. If you want to kick start your health I can think of no better way to do it. - Sophie
GO ON THIS RETREAT! Don't even think about it, just do it! Even if you're not into raw food, just try it for something different - it will be an awesome experience. Grant is one super special individual and even just spending (more) time with him will make your life better. Besides, where else can you get a retreat with food and accommodation and activities so cheap??? Grant is doing this because he wants everyone to benefit - take advantage of this cool opportunity! Rock on, Grant - you're the man! - AJ