50 Inspiring Quotes for Runners

On Running and Human Excellence … “Without patience, you will never conquer endurance.” – Yiannis Kouros (born 1956), Ultra Marathon legend and 24 hr record holder since 1997 at 303.506 km (188.590 miles)! … Continue reading

Raw Aussie Athlete Retreat: Enhance Your Life!

Raw Aussie Athlete retreat

My Retreat Experiences Drive Change This photo from a Raw Aussie Athlete retreat I ran in Australia in 2010 brings a flood of heart warming memories. Why I Run Retreats The thing I probably love most about running retreats is … Continue reading

Group Dynamics Can Enhance Your Life!

Group Dynamics

Do You Feel Connected With Others and Something Greater than Yourself? In my experience, being part of a group dynamic which connects you with like-minded people, is a beautiful part of a healthy lifestyle. The kinship and feeling of belonging … Continue reading