The Freedom of Minimalist Running

Minimalist Running

Minimalist Running, Maximal Fitness Near the summit of the highest mountain in Costa Rica towering over Central America at 3820m (12530 feet) altitude I find myself free as a bird with barely any clothing and a small pack on my … Continue reading

Waterfalls and Well-being!


Memories of Waterfalls When I think of waterfalls, dozens of wonderful memories flood to mind. In all of those memories I was genuinely having an amazing time. Have you ever wondered why waterfalls have such an uplifting effect on us? … Continue reading

Exploring Nature: The Jungles of Thailand

Exploring Nature

Is it just me, or do you also find something alluring about exploring nature? It can be as simple as hanging from a vine above a jungle trail and leaving your worries far behind. Exploring Nature: The Jungle Trails of … Continue reading