Something Fishy is Going On Here!

Something Fishy

Something Fishy is Exactly What is Happening! Swimming amongst hundreds of large carp fish is quite a unique experience. It is the kind that makes many squeal and is always sure to put a smile on people’s faces…especially those watching! … Continue reading

Raw Aussie Athlete Retreat: Enhance Your Life!

Raw Aussie Athlete retreat

My Retreat Experiences Drive Change This photo from a Raw Aussie Athlete retreat I ran in Australia in 2010 brings a flood of heart warming memories. Why I Run Retreats The thing I probably love most about running retreats is … Continue reading

Exploring Nature: The Jungles of Thailand

Exploring Nature

Is it just me, or do you also find something alluring about exploring nature? It can be as simple as hanging from a vine above a jungle trail and leaving your worries far behind. Exploring Nature: The Jungle Trails of … Continue reading