Inga Ambrosia (Miami Vegan Blog) interviews Raw Aussie Athlete

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How long have you been vegan/raw vegan?
7 years cooked vegan, followed by 1 year high raw vegan and now 2 years 100% raw vegan.

Is your immediate family vegan?
No. By the power of influence, they now eat more fruit than ever before.

If not, how do you make it work?
It would be naive to not accept that everyone makes their own choices (and lives with the consequences).
Although my family's awareness of raw veganism is growing through my influence, they haven't made the choice to stop supporting animal abuse.
When animal flesh is cooked in the house, I usually take the opportunity to get in a long training run.
I suspect relationships generally don't last if large ethical differences remain present.
Not being judgemental and not having expectations of others allows friendships to survive beyond lifestyle or ethical differences.

How are you perceived by extended family and friends?
That's a question for my extended family and friends to answer. I believe I'm perceived as the fit, healthy one who never gets sick. I find people are usually aware enough of the shortcomings in their own health to be open to the knowledge and experience I have to share from my ultramarathon running, lifestyle coach studies and wealth of knowledge on the benefits of a raw vegan lifestyle (and detriments of other lifestyle choices).

What are you making/eating for Thanksgiving (general idea)?
We don't celebrate thanksgiving in Australia.
I'll be feasting on organic mangosteen and a jug of green smoothie (banana/green oak lettuce).

Do you have any pets?
No. My pets are the animals I encounter when I go trail running or walking down the street.
I offer my respect and a nurturing gesture to any animal I come in contact with.
The concept of animal ownership is as flawed as land ownership.
If an animal chose to live on the land I live on, that would be cool with me.

What is your profession?
Lifestyle coach in the making (studying Doug Graham's Certified 80/10/10 Lifestyle Coach program).
I regularly run raw vegan health and fitness retreats [was in 2008].
Ultramarathon running. Not competitive professionally yet, but well on the way to working towards it, having taken 5 hours off my 100km race time in 2 years in the Great North Walk 100s trail run (See Race Report and MySpace)

Do you think being vegan affects your profession in any way?
A raw vegan natural lifestyle has only benefits.
With more vitality every aspect of your life inevitably grows.
If there was conflict it would be a clear sign that I was in the wrong profession. Having a belief system which is congruent with my lifestyle, and the myriad health benefits of raw veganism and natural hygiene allow me to give more to everything I choose to do.

What tips would you give someone considering raw veganism? Challenges or Revelations you've had?
Eat enough fruit to meet your caloric needs.
Include leafy greens for minerals and a balanced diet.
Be physically active so you eat enough to be well nourished.
Eat simply as we would in nature.
Learn the basics of natural hygiene and food combining.
Find self love. Discover your purpose. Embrace every opportunity.
When making change, do it for yourself. Don't force your ideals on others.
Embrace the emotions and feelings that come alive in you once you stop suppressing them with things like cooked food, overeating, stimulants, drugs or alcohol. These messages from our bodies may not make us feel great until we understand them, but they should be embraced as an opportunity to grow. We need to deal with our emotions and move on to a better place.
Keep in touch with your intuition. Living imperfectly by your own influence allows you to learn and grow more than you would by perfectly following the influence of someone else.

How do your spiritual beliefs coincide with your veganism?
They are completely congruent.
I believe everything is intimately connected and all life has equal value.
I believe in karma and the law of attraction.
I believe we live in a perfect universe where everything that happens is an opportunity to learn from and grow.
Our only mistakes are experiences we don't learn from.

Are you involved in any activism, groups, organizations?
I support animal liberation and natural hygiene groups/organizations.
I am active in numerous raw vegan groups including:

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