Fresh Food Festival in Denmark!

Fresh Food Festival in Denmark

Fresh Food Festival in Denmark: A Fond Farewell At the 2013 Fresh Food Festival in Denmark, I was presented with a thoughtful gift of dates, mango and other fruit in thanks of my contribution to the event through my presentations … Continue reading

Pacing Yourself for Success

Pacing Yourself

Sustainably Pacing Yourself In many of my ultra marathons over the years, I made the same mistake…over and over. I went out too fast! Feeling Fresh! Going out too fast while I’m still feeling fresh is an error that has … Continue reading

Raw Aussie Athlete Retreat: Enhance Your Life!

Raw Aussie Athlete retreat

My Retreat Experiences Drive Change This photo from a Raw Aussie Athlete retreat I ran in Australia in 2010 brings a flood of heart warming memories. Why I Run Retreats The thing I probably love most about running retreats is … Continue reading

Group Dynamics Can Enhance Your Life!

Group Dynamics

Do You Feel Connected With Others and Something Greater than Yourself? In my experience, being part of a group dynamic which connects you with like-minded people, is a beautiful part of a healthy lifestyle. The kinship and feeling of belonging … Continue reading

Strong Bones for a Lifetime

Strong Bones

Strong Bones: Lies and Myths Despite the myths and lies spread over the years and still promoted by the dairy industry on television, calcium consumption does not build strong bones. While calcium can be lost due to lack of vitamin … Continue reading