Maintaining Flexibility

Maintaining Flexibility

Maintaining Flexibility can be Easy!

    I find I am able to maintain reasonably good flexibility with very little effort. I aim to put the various parts of my body through their range of motion at least several times per week. One way I achieve that is by striding out for the final minute at the end of my runs, by which time I've certainly warmed up.

    Diet and Flexibility

      I eat a low fat diet of fresh fruits and vegetables which keeps my body fat levels from increasing with age, which saves me from losing flexibility. My diet also keeps me consistently well hydrated which also helps with flexibility. I eat plenty of vegetables to keep my electrolyte balance at healthy levels for good flexibility.

      Sleep and Flexibility

        I generally average at least 8 hours of sleep each day so my body can perform its necessary repairs that keep me nimble.

        Stretching for Flexibility

          I rarely stretch, though I don't hesitate to stretch if something feels tight or sore...particularly while I'm recovering from completing long, challenging runs through rugged and steep terrain.

          Maintaining Flexibility with Age

            To generalize, people lose flexibility as they age because their diet and lifestyle doesn't support their ongoing recovery needs. Alcohol consumption dehydrates them as do the generally low water content foods such as bread. Fatty foods make their blood sticky impairing delivery of nutrients to cells including oxygen. There are many factors working against aging gracefully on what has become the standard diet and lifestyle.

            Are you Aging as gracefully as you'd like? It's not too late to start!

              How is your flexibility going? Are you taking care of the necessary diet and lifestyle details while you still have the opportunity? Time has a habit of getting away on us. If you are at all concerned, now is the time to show initiative!

              Have a vibrant and fruitful day!

              In support of your health triumphs,
              Grant Campbell
              Ultra Marathon Runner, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Retreat Coordinator, Motivational Speaker

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