Something Fishy is Going On Here!

Something Fishy

Something Fishy is Exactly What is Happening!

    Swimming amongst hundreds of large carp fish is quite a unique experience. It is the kind that makes many squeal and is always sure to put a smile on people's faces...especially those watching!

    These Fish Love Raw Vegetables

      The carp at this waterfall eat a diet mostly consisting of the fresh bean/pea shoots in the photo. Locals and tourists alike purchase the legumes at the entry to the national park.

      Feeding Frenzy!!!

        The fish go absolutely crazy over the peas and the pods. I've never seen a dead fish in the dozens of times I've been to this waterfall. Given the vast quantities of the pods they eat in their daily frenzy and how healthy the fish look, I figure it isn't doing them any harm. The fish will actually jump out of the water to reach the pods. They REALLY love them!

        Fish Thriving on Vegetables!

          The fish do well growing quickly to a healthy size and their population seems consistently high year to year. They are protected from fishing as they live in the national park.

          Cheeky Pranksters Abound!

            The classic local prank is to wait until your swimming friend isn't watching you, at which time you throw some fresh pods next to them. The fish immediately swarm to the swimmer like a school of piranha and the food is literally gone in seconds. The more squeemish the swimmer, the more entertained the audience.

            A Fun Outing for All

              Nobody gets hurt (the fish included) and it always makes everyone laugh to see someone squirming amongst a sea of fish. The locals love seeing tourists falling victim to a prank they grew up with.

              I Look Forward to Returning There Soon!

                I look forward to interacting with the locals and the fish again this May during my Thailand Fruit and Adventure Retreat. The final places are filling now. I hope to see you there!

                Have a vibrant and fruitful day!

                In support of your health triumphs,
                Grant Campbell
                Ultra Marathon Runner, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Retreat Coordinator, Motivational Speaker

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