Victoria Boutenko: Fifteen Years Raw

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In this DVD Victoria takes us through her mistakes and successes, sharing her personal stories and invaluable nutritional facts and findings.

Duration: 90 minutes

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Victoria Boutenko has been sharing her health journey over the last 15 years – taking her family's deteriorating health into her own hands and leading them on the road to full recovery. Freedom from debilitating issues without any reliance on medication, into a life of strength and vitality was possible through her research journey into the green smoothie phenomenon.

This DVD shares Victoria's experiences and insights on candida, diabetes, B12, seeds & omega 3, supplements, whole foods, history of food and disease, mineral content of greens, toxicity and deficiency and how to restore your body to optimum health.

Studio 217 along with Victoria Boutenko have created a unique locally filmed video. Many people who know of Victoria's work or have heard of her will love this DVD. It’s carefully packaged into a 90 minute presentation, with detailed chapters enabling easy referencing of topics. The amount of information is significant and you will learn more each time you revisit 15 Years Raw.