The Freedom of Minimalist Running

Minimalist Running

Minimalist Running, Maximal Fitness Near the summit of the highest mountain in Costa Rica towering over Central America at 3820m (12530 feet) altitude I find myself free as a bird with barely any clothing and a small pack on my … Continue reading

Pacing Yourself for Success

Pacing Yourself

Sustainably Pacing Yourself In many of my ultra marathons over the years, I made the same mistake…over and over. I went out too fast! Feeling Fresh! Going out too fast while I’m still feeling fresh is an error that has … Continue reading

I Finally Finished This Epic Race: Great North Walk 100s 10-11 Nov, 2012

After 7 years of DNF’s (Did Not Finish) by only completing in those years between 103.7km (60 miles) and 162 km (100 miles) of the “Great North Walk 100s” 107.9 mile race, yesterday afternoon…I finally made it to the finish … Continue reading

My First 100 Mile attempt: Great North Walk 100s 12-13 Nov, 2005

My Background Having only done 1 marathon and 2 ultras, my previous races pale in comparison to GNW100s: – Bilpin Bush run 36k (2003), final 7-8km is a killer slow climb completely devoid of flats – the Warrumbungles 42k (Sept … Continue reading