The Retreat You’ve Dreamed Of!

The Food

We Get You The Best Durian

^For fruit lovers in Thailand, there is often a big interest in durian and this retreat will not disappoint. We bring you the best durian in Thailand.

With our local knowledge we source tree ripened durian from the oldest trees in Chanthaburi. We get the best in-season varieties as fresh as possible to ensure maximum flavor and culinary delight!

Fruit Abundance

^During the retreat, we will visit the biggest durian market in the world! Most people aren’t aware that the province of Chanthaburi in Thailand grows about 25% of the world’s durian.

You will see more fruit during the retreat than you will ever see anywhere else in the world. During the retreat you will enjoy peak mango season and peak durian season, along with dozens of other delicious tropical fruits and vegetables.

Our Outings

Breathtaking Waterfalls

^Apart from arrival and departure days, you will have the opportunity to swim daily at beautiful locations including beaches, fresh water reservoirs, waterfalls and rivers. We typically experience over 20 waterfalls, up to 5 beaches, and several reservoirs and rivers during the retreat.


^Do you get excited like me at the thought of visiting beaches with wild monkeys, taking a river cruise in a fisherman boat and cliff jumping into fresh water?

How about hiking through the jungle to the summit of the highest mountain to pay your respects to the most sacred place in Chanthaburi?

If so, you’re also going to love visiting a national park with 9 majestic waterfalls. For good measure, we also employ park rangers to lead us on a full day jungle hike where we climb 17 waterfalls in a national park where wild elephants roam.

All activities are optional and we do our very best to offer alternatives for those who aren’t feeling ready for a specific outing.

Thai Buddhist Temples

^Our more adventurous outings are balanced with time for meditation and self-reflection at a range of Buddhist temples, from lost and forgotten shrines in caves, to more traditional temples and even a temple reminiscent of a theme park.

Organic Fruit Orchards

^During our tours of local organic fruit orchards, you will have the opportunity to climb mangosteen trees and eat ripe tropical fruits straight from the tree.

Personal Time

^Each day we make time for a relaxed, friendly discussion or Q&A session on a meaningful topic to provide opportunity for ongoing education and personal development.

There is also free time on the schedule for taking care of your personal needs so you can get the most value out of the retreat.

Group Leaders

Your Retreat Host

^Grant lives with passion and purpose and has hosted 100% raw vegan retreats every year since 2007! Having run over 20 retreats you can be assured Grant has your retreat needs more than covered!

Friendly Local Tour Guide

^We are fortunate to have the friendliest, most kind hearted tour guide in all of Chanthaburi. He is one of my best friends and goes to great lengths to ensure our retreat experiences are fondly remembered.

With a humble smile, he looks after every detail from securing the best fruit in the markets to creating our schedule, booking our boat driver, taxi drivers and park rangers, translating Thai to English, leading our adventures and playing a major role in the overall retreat experience.

You are going to love our personal tour guide!

Raw Vegan Chef

^Each evening we will be served a delicious, fresh raw vegan dinner with vibrant ingredients ranging from a salad bar with delicious mango dressings, raw vegan Pad Thai, soups with authentic local flavors, and other exciting creations. Our very own chef will do their best to cater for any special dietary needs.

Our world-renowned raw vegan chefs have included Chef Alicia Ojeda, Chef Taylor Ann Noris, Kristina Shatova and Jake Iremonger, and at the original Fruitarian Adventure Retreats Grant Campbell ran the retreats and the kitchen.

Book Now While There Is Still Space

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Numbers Strictly Limited.

^There is only one way to find out why it has been said many times that:

“This is the world’s best fruitarian event.”

✓ Places are strictly limited at our exclusive new location.
✓ Prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).
✓ Only the deposit is required to secure your place.
✓ The balance is due on arrival, or earlier as you prefer.
✓ Your deposit is fully transferable and non-refundable.
✓ You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – health, friendships and inspiration.

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Did I Mention We Have a Really Good Time?

^Simply choose the retreat(s) you’d love to attend, pay the deposit, and your place is guaranteed!

*** Retreat dates are tentative dates only ***

…until actual dates are confirmed by early March 2024 when the durian flowers will have appeared which is the earliest time that peak durian season can be known, so please do not book flights until the dates have been confirmed about 6-8 weeks before the first retreat begins.

Retreat #1: Sun 14 – Sat 27 April 2024

Retreat #2: Sun 28 April – Sat 11 May 2024

Double Retreat Package: Sun 14 April – Sat 11 May 2024

For the discounted price below you can stay for both retreats! The outings, discussions and experience varies significantly between retreat #1 and retreat #2. Typically half of the group stays for both retreats! Are you in?

^Accepted forms of payment include:

Direct Debit Payment Method Accepted
Direct Debit Payment Method Accepted
Visa and Mastercard Payment Methods are Accepted via PayPal
Visa and Mastercard Payment Methods are Accepted via PayPal