Edvin Zigmanovic, Federica Siciliano
Jake Iremonger, Jason Rupp
Robert Kornacki, Simon Wolf, Aaron Schultz, Carly Stark

“Dear Grant, Your wealth of knowledge and your willingness to share it is so appreciated by me and your gentle loving support is felt. I enjoyed talking with you and learning from you so much. Your energy is much like Doug’s and it’s rare. Thank you so much.”

  • Karen

“I recommend Grant Campbell who runs the Raw Aussie Athlete retreats. His knowledge about health and the healing nature of various foods is truly astonishing.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! It’s been great to hear about everyone’s raw/vegan journey, and I’m freshly motivated to improve my own journey – with great tips and ideas I’ve learned on this retreat. Thanks!”

  • Nicole

“Paradise on Earth! The raw retreat has been an invaluable experience for me. It has grounded my confidence, passion and enthusiasm for the low-fat, raw vegan lifestyle even further. Loved it! Thank you Grant!”

  • Anonymous

“Thanks for a wonderful weekend. I loved every minute – the people, the discussions, the fitness activities, the location and of course, the delicious raw food!! It has been a very special experience.”

  • Sarah

“It’s so good to meet people from all walks of life getting together with a common goal – health! It’s such a fantastic, fun environment to learn and grow…and the food’s fantastic!”

  • Ange

“I’d also like to recommend a wonderful raw retreat organised by Raw Aussie Athlete – Grant. He is the real deal…100% raw and fit as anything. If you want to kick start your health I can think of no better way to do it.”

  • Sophie

“GO ON THIS RETREAT! Don’t even think about it, just do it! Even if you’re not into raw food, just try it for something different – it will be an awesome experience. Grant is one super special individual and even just spending (more) time with him will make your life better. Besides, where else can you get a retreat with food and accommodation and activities so cheap??? Grant is doing this because he wants everyone to benefit – take advantage of this cool opportunity! Rock on, Grant – you’re the man!”

  • AJ