Nutrition and Athletic Performance

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  • Do you want the best of nutrition in order to support your athletic pursuits?
  • Are you curious as to what science really says about nutrition and performance?
  • Did you know that you can perform better with food out of the garden than you can with powders and potions from the chemistry lab?

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just getting started with a fitness program, Nutrition and Athletic Performance is your guide to success. Discover what athletes from every sport around the world have been using to set personal bests.

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This book is all you will need to finally:

  • ascertain what to eat for maximum energy before, during, and after physical activities.
  • understand the skills necessary for monitoring your hydration and fuel requirements.
  • put to rest questions about protein, fat, and carbohydrates so you can focus on having fun.
  • discover why “more” of any given nutrient is often a problem, not a solution.
  • learn how to recover like the professionals do.
  • gain the knowledge to stay fit and healthy for a lifetime.

It’s time to thrive with your fitness activities instead of survive them.