Radiating Compassion and Health

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Be your best self! This DVD is not another lesson in what to eat or how. Radiating Compassion and Health is about being your very best. Dr. Graham and Professor Graham dazzle the audience with their keynote addresses from the First Healthful Living International Symposium.

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If you weren’t at the First Healthful Living International Symposium you don’t want to miss these talks as they sweep you through a landscape of emotions from pride and inspiration to compassion, and unending love. Never have more powerful presentations been given by either of these two brilliant speakers. You will want to watch them again and again to regain lost motivation or remind yourself why the healthy path is the one you have chosen.

Disc 1: Dr. Douglas Graham, Lead the Way to Health With Love.

On the way to being your best, has your attitude towards others been inspirational or confrontational? Learn how to develop love for yourself and compassion for others, and unlock health freedom of everyone. Finally get the results that you have been reaching for and become the shining example you know rests inside of you.

Disc 2: Prof. Rozalind Graham, Live the Colorful Life in a Black and White World.

With the quickening pace of life all around us, developing inner peace is of increasing importance. The path to world peace is lit from within, but finding the courage to care for ourselves and the planet may seem like a daunting undertaking. Prof. Rozalind Graham beautifully illustrates how we can take steps towards lifestyle improvement and, through attentiveness to thoughts and feelings, complete the healing journey.