The 80/10/10 Success Guide

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Originally developed for athletes and others interested in high-performance living, The 80/10/10 Success Guide provides an outstanding gateway into the raw-food world. This handy reference allows easy comparison of the macronutrients in entire food categories at a glance. If you've tried searching for data in the USDA nutrient database, you know how cumbersome it is. Even using online tools like Nutridiary or FitDay, you will wade through irrelevant products to find the food you seek, and you can look up only one food at a time. Information about food categories is just not conveniently available from any other source.

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For those following Dr. Graham’s 80/10/10 program, these charts are the perfect companion to The 80/10/10 Diet. If you don’t yet own the book, this guide offers an excellent overview of the low-fat raw vegan foodstyle, including a cover page packed with helpful quick-start tips for 80/10/10.

If you seek optimum health on any whole-food vegan diet, you will refer to this guide often to learn what whole plant foods are made of. It’s the ultimate resource for long-term success on your path to vibrant health!

  • Six information-packed pages (three double-sided 8½×11″ sheets).
  • Over 170 foods selected for relevance to the raw-food enthusiast.
  • Lists Calories, Water, Fiber, Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fat.
  • Nutrients listed both in 100-gram portions and as a % of calories.
  • Panels attached via a high-quality Hinge-Lamination process.
  • Waterproof, write-on, wipe-off surface.