Nurturing Peace


  • Do You Dream of a More Peaceful World?
  • Are you a parent attempting to raise your children in a supportive raw or vegan household?
  • Do you have overwhelming emotions you'd like to resolve peacefully?
  • Have you ever needed motivation to stay on your raw path?

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    Professor Rozalind Graham has decades of experience consulting with a wide variety of emotional illness. As a parent herself, she has taken this experience to new levels by extending her experience to healthful child rearing, even your inner child. Prof. Graham shines from the stage and now your home with her message that a peaceful planet will come with well cared for youth. This incredible 2-disc set, recorded from a currently rare live appearance from Prof. Graham is the perfect guide to help you nurture peace inside and out.

  • Disc 1 Raw Parenting: Professor Graham uncovers the mysteries surrounding your own emotional pain, and guides you to understanding how to meet your little one’s need for approval, acceptance, communication, and emotional support.
  • Disc 2 Cultivating Inner Peace: Weeding out expectations and nurturing aspirations are essential steps to sowing the seeds of inner peace. Learn to let go of attachments, enrich your thoughts, so that they reflect the beauty of your true nature and travel the path to your own garden of peace.
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