Raw Health Series #2: Vibrant Health for Life!

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Series Two: Acquiring Vibrant Health and Keeping It

Many of us become focused on either food or fitness as the only component in our quest to achieve vibrant health. In this series, you will learn about the dozens of lifestyle factors beyond food and fitness that affect your health and how you can easily stack these factors in your favor.

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Inspiring ideas like “the weakest link” approach to self-improvement will become invaluable tools you can use for the rest of your life. You’ll learn to make friends with your food while developing the confidence in your lifestyle choices that will make others eager to learn the secrets of your radiant health. If you want to attain, regain, or maintain a fit and healthful approach to living, then this series will show you how.

Disc 1: Nutritional Secrets of Youthfulness
Disc 2: Essential Habits I
Disc 3: Essential Habits II
Disc 4: Succeeding Socially with Raw Foods


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