Self Healing Colitis & Chrohn’s


All bowel problems are totally healable, despite contrary opinions! In fact, every bowel disease symptom is a sign that the body is attempting to heal itself, but the individual's toxic and enervating diet and lifestyle factors must be replaced with a biologically-correct health program in order to heal the bowel.

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Since 1993, over 2,000 of Dr. Klein’s clients have healed every G.I. Disorder via the natural, medically-endorsed self-healing program known as Natural Hygiene. Ninety-nine percent of Dr. Klein’s clients and those who follow the healing plan in his world bestselling guidebook, Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s, heal and feel great within 2 to 8 weeks without any medication. The Natural Hygiene program works for everyone and results in lasting health for those who adhere to it, like Dr. Klein has for 25 years. Learn the causes of bowel disease, discontinue the causative habits, and implement Dr. Klein’s healing dietary lifestyle program, and you or yours will experience the joy of new health.


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